How to:
Easy Crown Braid

‘Tis the season for the crown braid. Between spring music festivals (see you at Coachella, anyone?), summer weddings and even those Friday night al fresco dinners, we’re guessing that you have more than a few upcoming engagements where a crown braid would be right at home. The problem? They don’t seem all that easy to pull off. However, with the right tips, tricks and tools, you might find yourself surprised. Read on to find out more about our foolproof method for creating this photo-ready look!

What You Need

Hydrating Styling Cream, Dry Texture Spray, small hair elastics and bobby pins that match your hair color.

The Steps

1. Establish a triangle section on one side of the forehead. Apply Hydrating Styling Cream as an aid to braid hair. Create a three-strand braid, then secure with an elastic.

Advanced Option: Try with an inverted French braid instead of a three-strand braid.

get the look: crown braid

2. Expand the braid, using Dry Texture Spray to provide hold and working from the bottom upward.

get the look: crown braid

3. Isolate and secure the hair at the crown. Cross the braid over the center back and secure with a bobby pin. Use loose hair to hide pins.

get the look: crown braid

There you have it: a braid that could make Daenerys Targaryen jealous. Want to see the steps in action? Watch the video here.