Eva Doležalová on:
Pursuing Your Dreams

They say when you know, you know. Eva Doležalová spent years in front of the camera as a model and actress, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. Motivated by her inner conviction that the heart knows best, she took a leap of faith and transitioned to a new role on the other side of the lens. Her first film, Sound of Sun—which she wrote, directed and produced—tells the story of that self-transformation. Read on for her inspiring take on following your dreams and getting the most out of life. 

“I always say I’m lucky to be alive in these times. I believe that we are truly the constructors of our own future, no matter what we do. What we see and hear every day has a huge impact on us and our subconscious, so I like to help and inspire people along my own path. I often tell people what I would have loved to hear growing up: Don’t fear, go after your dreams with passion and persistence and don’t worry about what other people say. Only your heart knows the right answer. I enjoy speaking at public events because when we meet other people who are passionate about what they do, it often drives us to pursue our own deepest dreams. I am a Model/Actress turned Writer/Director—to me, this proves that anything is possible.

I am from a smaller town in the Czech Republic and was raised by my mother and her parents who weren’t in the industry, but who are still my biggest heroes today. I was born with an endless urge to keep fighting for I want, and I have always considered myself my strongest gun. Rather than sitting around waiting to see if something will fall into my lap, I like to take care of things myself. During the last few months of acting, I didn’t feel fully satisfied. My heart was longing after what I’ve truly wanted to do, so I took my future into my own hands. I wrote, directed, produced and partially filmed Sound of Sun, in which I cast Suki Waterhouse, Sean Penn and myself and which can be watched on the NOWNESS website. It’s a story of self-transformation told visually—my transformation—a story that came to me subconsciously and in my dreams. A story that I had to tell, otherwise I couldn’t breathe.

Instantly, I felt that I was not only much stronger but also much happier on the other end of a camera. I knew that this was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I often talk to girls on social media and in everyday life who have similar dreams and I always say: You can do whatever you want and only you can stop you. In my profession, I will never stop learning and that’s how I like it. Always learn new things and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

It’s a blessing that today, women in a lot of continents can be whatever they want. Even 40 years ago it wasn’t like that. So why would we limit our dreams only because we are not from a wealthy family or a big city? Our dreams are the best fuel, helping us to envision where we see ourselves and sincerely believing in it. I know that for some of us is harder to envision, however, you can always look up to your idols and say if they did it, I can as well.”

— As told to Moroccanoil by Eva Doležalová