Style Guide

Is there anything better than a Friday afternoon? With a productive week behind you and two days of uninterrupted free time ahead of you, life doesn’t get much sweeter. That being said, Friday does come with a few challenges of its own—particularly of the style variety. Seeing as, more often than not, you’re headed somewhere other than your couch after work, it’s likely that your daily uniform requires some tweaking. Ahead, some sartorial tips and outfit inspiration to see you through your weekend’s point of departure, no matter what that might be.


The Problem: Your usual travel uniform of flattering leggings and a blanket-like cardigan doesn’t quite cut it in the office.

The Solution: A maxi dress, ideally in a breezy, wrinkle-resistant material. Once you’re cozied up in seat 16C, the long layers will help protect you from 16B’s incessant adjustment of the overhead air vent. Pair with footwear that is easy to slip on and off in the security line, but comfortable and secure enough to book it across the airport if need be. Finish with a denim (in the summer) or leather (in the winter) jacket for added warmth.


The Problem: Your new matching set that would be perfect for rooftop drinks is not up to HR snuff.

The Solution: Take half of your favorite summer set and balance it with something that puts the “business” back in business casual. For instance, a shorter skirt can be made office-appropriate when paired with a simple silk button-down or flowy long-sleeved top. On the flip side, pair a cropped shirt with a high-waist midi skirt or wide-legged pants to achieve the same effect—just make sure you don’t leave a strip of midriff revealed to avoid raising eyebrows. Both outfits pair just as well with your 10 am meeting as they do with your evening Aperol Spritz.


The Problem: You can finally make that blessedly empty 4:20 pm Barry’s class (hello, ClassPass credit savings)—but you have 6 pm plans, and no time to run home in between.

The Solution: Make sure your fitness studio of choice has a shower, then reach for wrinkle-resistant fabrics that will survive an hour or so in a gym locker. (Think jersey dresses and skirts or cotton nylon blends.) Toss in some dry shampoo if you can stick to a quick rinse and avoid washing your hair—and a reusable wet/dry bag for stashing your sweaty gym clothes. We love the one that comes with these packing cubes—which we guarantee will come in handy on your next getaway.