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How long will Color Depositing Masks last on my hair?

Individual results may vary. Color Depositing Masks add temporary color that is designed to fade out gradually over time. The lighter the hair, the more vibrant and long-lasting the shade. Color results and longevity also depend on hair porosity.

Will my hair color go back to normal?

Yes, the pigments are temporary and deposited only on the outermost layer of the hair. With regular washing, the color will eventually fade out over time.

How will I know what the Color Depositing Mask will look like on my hair?

Before committing to a full head of color, we recommend conducting a strand test first to assess the level of color intensity. Section off a small piece of hair and tie the rest out of the way. Apply Color Depositing Mask on the strand and leave on 2–3 minutes. Rinse. If the color is too subtle, try a second strand and leave on for longer.

Is the color result impacted by how long I leave the product in?

Yes, the longer the product is left on the hair, the more intense the results will be. Adjust time to achieve desired color vibrancy. 

Do any shades last longer than others?

Hibiscus and Aquamarine are the most vibrant colors and can last longer than the other shades.

How intense can the shades go? Is there a peak intensity?

Yes, colors will reach a peak intensity and will not continue to darken or intensify after reaching their peak. A good way to explain this is to think of nail polish. The second coat will intensify the first coat, but by the time you get to the 3rd or 4th coat, the color will not get any darker or more intense after that maximum color has been achieved.

If I don’t like the color, how do I remove it?

As this is a direct dye, the color cannot be removed immediately. However, with repeated washing, the color will eventually fade.

What if repeated shampooing does not remove all of the product from my hair?

To hit reset and expedite the color washout process, visit a Moroccanoil salon and consult with your stylist.

Do I need gloves?

No. However, minimal staining may occur and can be easily removed with soap and water.

Can I apply this product on dry hair?

If desired, the product can be applied on dry hair.

Will these masks damage my hair?

No. In fact, they do the opposite. These masks are intensely nourishing treatments. They do not contain ammonia, peroxide or bleach.

Does it cover grey?

No, none of the Color Depositing Mask shades will cover grey.

Will the color run off?

Upon getting out of the shower when the hair is soaking wet, it is possible to see stains on white/light colored towels when towel-drying the hair. These stains will be eliminated if you wash the towel in a normal laundry cycle. However, once the hair is dry, there will be no run-off unless the hair becomes saturated with water.

Can I mix this with a hair dye?

No, we recommend using this product as a stand-alone, not mixed with other hair colorant products.

What methodology was used to create the swatches on the color chart?

For each of the swatches, the hair was shampooed first. The Color Depositing Mask was applied generously, combed through, and left on for 7 minutes before being rinsed. Then the hair was blow-dried and photographed.

Do the Color Depositing Masks lighten hair?

No, they deposit pure pigments on the cuticle layer only. They cannot lighten or lift color from hair.

Can I dilute any of the shades to create a custom result?

Yes, use with Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask to achieve a softer pastel result. We recommend mixing ¾ mask with ¼ Color Depositing Mask.

Can I mix any of the shades to create a custom result?

Absolutely. For example, to intensify the golden tones in Rose Gold, mix with Champagne. Or to darken the red tones in Bordeaux, mix with Cocoa.

Are the masks paraben, sulfate and phosphate-free?


How many applications are in a tube?

Roughly 6–7 applications, assuming an average application is around 30 ml, less for short/fine hair and more for thick/long hair.

Can I use Platinum on grey hair to help combat discoloration?

Yes, it will work to neutralize yellow undertones in grey hair.

Can I use the product every time I wash my hair?

We recommend repeating usage after noticeable fading to restore intensity. However, if desired, they can be used every time the hair is washed.

Why do some shades only work on blonde hair?

Color Depositing Masks only deposit color on the surface of the hair. They don't do anything to change the underlying color. That means that applying certain shades to dark hair is somewhat like using a colored marker on black paper-it won't show up unless you lighten the surface to which you're applying the color.

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