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Boar Bristle Round Brush 45 mm

Suitable for all hair types; ideal for coarse, dry hair
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10.2 FL. OZ. / 300 ml
Blow-dry voluminous and smooth, sleek looks with the Moroccanoil® Boar Bristle 45 mm Round Brush. Moroccanoil handmade natural boar bristle brushes use premium materials to provide the ultimate experience in hair care, while promoting healthy, shiny and manageable hair. Performance-tested on the runway and on A-list celebrity clientele, the results are proven for all hair types. Boar bristle brushes provide nourishment by stimulating and massaging the scalp and gently spreading the hair’s natural oils down the shaft. The large round brush features a ceramic barrel for 360˚ heat distribution. The result: with repeated use, hair becomes softer, more manageable and healthier. Seamless construction allows for easy styling, with an ash wood handle that is lightweight and heat-resistant.
Starting at the roots, gently work the hair brush throughout sections using easy strokes, rolling up to create big waves. Repeat until reaching desired shape and smoothness, going over the entire head. Good for all hair types. Ideal for coarse or dry hair.