Our journey started

with a pivotal moment of inspiration when Moroccanoil Co-founder Carmen Tal saw an opportunity to revolutionize the beauty industry through oil-infused hair care.

Realizing how a single spark of inspiration had the power to touch our hearts and move us to action, the Moroccanoil INSPIRED BY WOMEN™ project was born: a short-film series that examines what it means to lead an inspired life and aims to create moments of inspiration for everyone.

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모로칸오일의 최신 단편 영화 시리즈는 여성 테니스 협회(WTO)의 선수들과 그녀들이 후원하고 있는 자선 사업, 그리고 그녀들의 추진력과 열정 다양한 이용해 전 세계에 변화를 가져오고 있는 사례들을 조명합니다.

“이것은 캠페인 그 이상의 의미를 가지며, 세계의 여성들을 기리며 그녀들에게 영감을 불어넣고 힘을 실어주기 위한 일생의 프로젝트입니다.”


Moroccanoil Co-founder

Film Series


Moroccanoil is proud to highlight Georgina Chapman, MARCHESA Designer and Co-founder, in a new short-film illustrating how she passionately turned her love of fashion into action, to help lift children in India out of poverty and into livelihood.

Through a unique self-sustaining model that focuses on inspiring and empowering these children, she wanted to give back to the communities that have helped her build her brand.