The purpose of Moroccanoil Education is to return to the essential foundation and refined art of styling to create truly beautiful hair. Our inspiration flows in the work we create at fashion shows and from our creative collaborations with world-renowned runway and editorial stylists. Craftsmanship is our focus, a gift in the hands of each stylist. After engaging in exciting hands-on hairdressing classes, you will be inspired, refreshed and above all, fully reminded of your love for hairdressing.


Based in New York City, Moroccanoil is proud to launch the Moroccanoil Academy, an advanced facility designed to provide on-site, customized education to stylists at any level of their career. Global Educators and renowned stylists work with attendees on critical, foundational skills and techniques necessary for success, while incorporating innovative Moroccanoil Education.



This class encompasses the Moroccanoil vision of hair trends for 2016 and mastering the art form of textured styles. Learn about the cultural influencers of current hair trends and create editorial and avant-garde styles inspired by the world of fashion. Go on to craft your own trend-inspired Tailored Texture hairstyles and take tips and techniques back to the salon!

What will I learn?

  • Enchanting waves
  • Runway braids
  • Sleek structured styles
  • Stitching, weaving, knotting and more!
February 22 - 23
March 21 - 22
May 9 - 10
June 20 - 21
August 29 - 30
October 10 - 11


Recreate silver screen trends from throughout the decades. Drawing inspiration from the starlets of each era, acquire the skills to produce styles from the 1920s through the 1970s. Set your creativity free with this hands-on approach to decade-inspired styles and forecast the future of hairstyling by crafting a futuristic style of your own creation.

What will I learn?
• Flapper styles
• Pin-up hair
• Bouffants
• Texture techniques and more!

February 1 - 2
March 7 - 8
April 11 - 12
May 23 - 24
July 18 - 19
November 7 - 8


Give your clients luxurious special-occasion styles with this class, featuring knotwork techniques to take their special-event looks to the next level. Braiding is a foundational skill set: master the art of braiding and open up a world of possibilities for special-event looks! Learn multiple approaches to creating versatile styles, and how to incorporate adornment into updos for added flair and festivity.

What will I learn?
• Advanced braiding techniques
• Long hair designs
• Up-styling foundations
• The art of adornment

January 18 - 19
March 14 - 15
May 2 - 3
June 6 - 7
September 26 - 27
November 14 - 15


This two-day interactive workshop is for salon owners, managers and independent stylists. Explore and develop the relationship between your business and your brand and learn methods to identify and transform how your clients perceive you. This workshop will take you through a series of exercises created to change the way you think about building your business.

What will I learn?
• Identify your target demographic
• See your business through your customers’ eyes
• Discover what your clients aren’t telling you
• Learn the psychology of brand-building

January 25 - 26
April 18 - 19
July 25 - 26


This class will teach you in-demand tips and tricks on how to succeed in today’s editorial hair landscape. Learn the process of editorial hairstyling: how to break through, build your portfolio, grow and diversify your career, create a mood board and more! Class includes a photoshoot with professional models and a photographer to add to your portfolio.

What will I learn?
• Proper etiquette, protocol and options for editorial work
• Insider techniques, tricks and tips for the world of editorial hairstyling
• Options for expanding editorial styling knowledge and connections
• Professional photoshoot for portfolio images

February 29 - 1
April 4 - 5
May 16 - 17
June 27 - 28
September 19 - 20
December 5 - 6