Are Your Hair Products Expired?

Are Your Hair Products Expired?

We’re all about a good resolution, but we don’t think a new year has to mean a totally new you. Instead, take the opportunity to take stock of your life and decide what you want to move forward with and what’s best left in 2018. Personally, we’re starting that process at our vanities—by getting rid of the beauty products we never use and, more importantly, making sure that the ones we are using aren’t past their prime. Read on to find out whether or not your favorites are due for a replacement.

Check the packaging.

A product’s shelf life really depends on the ingredients and preservatives it contains. Most professional products have an expiration date or similar “Use-By” indicator on the container. (Pro Tip: Find the symbol that looks like a jar with its lid open on the back of Moroccanoil bottles or packaging to find out how long each product lasts after being opened. Below, 12M = 12 months.)

Know that not all products are on the same timeline.

For instance, it’s particularly important to regularly replace hair masks, conditioners and cream-based styling products. On the flipside, some aerosols don’t require preservative systems and as a result do not have an expiration date.

Look for changes.

If a product is past its prime, it might start exhibiting noticeable signs. For instance, expired products sometimes smell off. They can also separate or become runny, and some may even thicken or appear to have become dehydrated.

Practice smart storage.

To help ensure products make it to their expiration date, store them in a cool, dry place.

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