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Get Glowy Summer Skin (Without the Sun)

Every year around this time, we’re hit with an irresistible craving for radiant, just-jetted-back-from-an-island summer skin. However, between COVID making a mockery of summer vacation plans and the downside of soaking up too many UV rays, we’ll be looking to our skincare routine to make it happen. Fortunately, the right products can still give you the supple, smooth, hydrated skin that we all associate with a summer glow. They’ll also leave your skin much healthier than a day of soaking up the sun. Read on for our top recommendations. Bonus: every last once is fragranced with our iconic signature scent, a completely intoxicating blend of spicy amber and sweet florals.

Cleanse: Shower Gel

When it comes to maintaining soft, glowy summer skin, finding a gentle cleanser is key. (Anything too harsh with leave your skin dry, itchy, and uncomfortable.) Our Shower Gel has a highly concentrated yet mild formula that’s infused with argan oil to keep skin hydrated as it cleanses. Improving skin’s moisture balance will help improve elasticity, tone, and texture over time—all major components of glow.

Exfoliate: Body Polishing Scrub

One key to making your summer skin shine? Getting the dull, dry skin cells out of the way. Body Polishing Scrub contains argan shell powder and lava stone pumice to gently buff away dead surface cells, plus a nourishing blend of six precious oils to leave skin soft and smooth. Use two or three teams a week as needed to boost all-over glow and maintain optimally healthy skin. (You can also read more about how to optimize the exfoliation process here.)

AM Moisturizer: Dry Body Oil

When you need to get ready fast, this spritz-on moisturizer is here to save the day. Though Dry Body Oil is rich in natural oils—argan, olive, and avocado—it still boasts a weightless formula that absorbs quickly to lock in moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth. Use it immediately after showering for a silky feel and radiant look.

PM Moisturizer: Night Body Serum

This advanced body serum is a must-have any time of year, but it’s multi-dimensional approach to firming, smoothing, and brightening is just right for summer skin. The velvety formula is packed with high-performing skincare actives, including argan and tsubaki oils to address loss of firmness and moisture, Holy Basil extract to help protect skin from environmental stressors, and Vitamin C ester to smooth and strengthen for a more youthful, radiant appearance. To use, just apply a thin layer before bedtime, then prepare to wake up to major glow. (We’ve got the stats to back it up: 98% of users noticed a visible improvement in the appearance of their skin after four weeks of use!*)

Finishing Touch: Shimmering Body Oil

Finish your summer skin routine with a final boost of glow. This deeply nourishing body oil contains soft, pearlescent minerals to add a touch of subtle shimmer when applied. Use all over or as-needed on top of your daily moisturizer. (The dropper-styler applicator makes it easy to highlight shoulders, décolleté, or arms and legs.) The result? Skin that screams summer.

*In an independent consumer study on women ages 21–40

Featured Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

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