Tips and Tricks for Keeping Curly Hair on Point

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Curly Hair on Point

Curly girls know: taking care of curly hair is never just a wash-and-go thing. And getting your curls to keep their shape all day, without frizz? That can be especially tough. So we decided to get some expert help, and asked Moroccanoil Educator Amanda Moran for her best curly hair maintenance tips.

How is styling curls different from styling other hair types?

I would say it’s the fact that all curls are different. With so many natural curl patterns, it can be difficult to know which shape you should style and what products you should use.

How can you tell what curl type you have?

When your hair is sopping wet is the best time to figure out your curl. You could have loose curls, wavy curls, spiral curls, or coily, tight curls. The density and texture of your curls also tie into care and product selection.

What’s the best way to wash your curls? Is it different for different curl types?

It is very different from curl to curl. I would recommend washing 3 to 4 times a week with Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner for loose and wavy curl types to help create the dense texture this curl pattern needs. For spiral curls, you need more moisture to help define the curls and restore elasticity. Curl Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioner used 2 to 3 times a week is great for this pattern. Coily curls should be co-washed 1 to 2 times a week. You might be thinking “what is a co-wash?” It’s when you use a one-step conditioning product to cleanse your hair. The Curl Cleansing Conditioner is a must have co-wash, not only deeply conditioning, but also the tea tree in this product gives you a clean-feeling scalp.

What curly hair products should you use to make curls stay in all day?

If you have fine and loose curls, I would use a product that adds shine and definition like the Intense Curl Cream. For spiral or coily curls either the Curl Defining Cream to enhance the curl pattern or Curl Control Mousse to control and decrease frizz. The moment you step out of the shower the setting process has begun. Wring your hair with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt. Add Moroccanoil Treatment and detangle. Next spray water back into the hair with a water bottle and section the hair into 4 to 6 quadrants. Apply liberal amounts of your products to each section one at a time, completely saturating the section, and brushing and scrunching the product in. If your hair dries while applying product, re-wet the hair. At this point, you can manipulate the hair to the desired shape.

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What’s the best way to heat-style curls?

You can always use a diffuser to finish your heat set, but I recommend manipulating the hair as little as possible by keeping the diffuser at a distance for most of the blow-dry. My favorite heat set is a hooded dryer. Using a hooded dryer ensures uniform dryness in your curl style.

What’s the best way to air-dry curls?

Don’t touch them! Once you have applied products don’t touch your curls till they dry, so you don’t break your product cast.

What’s a good way to touch up your curls mid-day?

You can use water in a spray bottle, creams like Curl Defining Cream, and oils for your mid-day refresh.

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What are your top tips for maintaining healthy curls?

I would say a very overlooked component is the scalp. I love to manually exfoliate the scalp with a boar bristle brush them apply Dry Scalp Treatment. We all know that curls need moisture but the moisturizing should start at the scalp.

What questions should people with curly hair ask their stylists?

I would make sure to ask if they are comfortable with styling or coloring curls. Finding a stylist that is well versed in curly girl needs is the first step in embracing your natural hair.

Are there any other curly hair tips and tricks you want people to know?

A lot of people think that curls can look unruly or unprofessional and that is far from true. With the right product choices and correct setting technique, you can embrace the curly girl look.

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