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Lilac Color Depositing Mask

For light blonde to medium blonde hair only
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Experience temporary color with the treatment benefits of a deep conditioning mask. Available nine curated shades, these easy-to-use masks serve a number of purposes: use brunette and blonde shades to enhance your existing color or help maintain it between salon visits, or try fashion shades to experiment with new colors without commitment or damage. Color Depositing Masks also contain nourishing ingredients including an amino acid blend, apricot kernel oil and reparative ArganID™ technology for hair that looks and feels healthier. The packaging is made from 50% post-consumer recycled material, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint by consuming less energy.

Lilac is a soft pastel purple for light blonde to medium blonde hair. Because of its exceptional vibrancy, it may last longer than other shades in the collection. Individual results will vary and depend on the starting condition and shade of hair; see the FAQ section of this page for details. To find your perfect shade, take our quiz. Please note that this product is not formulated to color greys.

Color Benefits

  • Enhances tones
  • Refreshes existing hair color
  • Customizes hair color
  • Temporary results

Care Benefits

  • Deep conditions
  • Instantly increases softness
  • Helps restore hair health
  • Imparts radiant shine

How long do results last?

Color Depositing Masks add temporary color that is designed to fade out gradually over time. The lighter the hair, the more vibrant and long-lasting the shade. Color results and longevity also depend on hair porosity, if the hair is virgin, and how frequently you wash your hair. Hibiscus and Aquamarine are the most vibrant colors and may last longer than other shades.

Do the Color Depositing Masks damage your hair?

No. In fact, they do the opposite. These masks are intensely nourishing treatments. They do not contain ammonia, peroxide or bleach.

Will my hair revert back to its original color?

Yes, the pigments are temporary and deposited only on the outermost layer of the hair. With regular washing, the pigments will eventually fade out over time. To hit reset and expedite the color washout process, visit a Moroccanoil salon and consult with your stylist.

Will these masks stain my hands?

Minimal staining may occur and can be easily removed with soap and water. Just got a fresh manicure? Check out these tips for staying totally stain-free.

Will these masks stain my shower?

No, these masks will not stain your shower or tub. If you notice trace amounts of color left behind, it is likely because the pigments have adhered to soap residue. In this case, they can be easily washed away with normal shower cleaning products.

*Read our full list of FAQs here


Is This Shade Right For You?

  • Lightest Blonde Lightest Blonde

    Lightest BlondeLightest Blonde

  • Light Blonde Light Blonde

    Lightest BlondeLightest Blonde

  • Medium Blonde Medium Blonde

    Lightest BlondeLightest Blonde

  • Light Brown Light Brown

    Lightest BlondeLightest Blonde

  • Medium Brown Medium Brown

    Lightest BlondeLightest Blonde

  • Dark Brown Dark Brown

    Lightest BlondeLightest Blonde

  • color chart

  • color chart

  • color chart

Note: Individual results depend on the starting condition of the hair

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Take the quiz


First things first: Conduct a strand test to see how your hair responds.

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Step By Step

  • 1.

    Start with clean, towel-dried hair.

  • 2.

    Section hair and apply a generous amount. Distribute evenly using a wide-tooth comb.

  • 3.

    Leave on for 5–7 minutes, depending on desired intensity.

  • 4.

    Rinse thoroughly. Style as usual.



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