Bryce Scarlett’s Cold Weather Haircare Tips

Changing seasons are the ultimate reminder to evaluate all areas of your life for opportunities for fresh starts—including your beauty routine. And just as your skin likely benefits from richer, more emollient moisturizers as temps start dropping, your hair might need some extra TLC to get it through the cold winter months in ideal shape. We talked to Moroccanoil Celebrity Hairstylist Bryce Scarlett to find out how you can prevent winter hair woes and keep your strands shining all season long.

What kind of changes should people make in their haircare routines as the weather cools down?

Switch to more moisturizing products—think hydrating masks, shampoos, and conditioners. These will help if sun, chlorine, and salt took a toll on your hair over the summer. You can also try using Leave-in Conditioner hair after you shower.

What are easy ways to change things up without undertaking a major cut or color change?

A great way to do that is embracing your natural texture. Try air drying to familiarize yourself with what your hair is like when it hasn’t been heat styled.

Are there any products that you recommend for cooler weather?

For both dryer climates and cooler weather, I recommend Moroccanoil Treatment as it’s a great way to keep your hair moisturized and protected in cold, dry climates.

What kind of changes can people expect to see in their hair and scalp as weather cools down/humidity decreases?

Everything will become drier, and it’s very common for people to start experiencing dandruff. Moroccanoil makes a Scalp Treatment that is great for this.

How can people maintain healthy hair throughout fall and winter?

Keep heat styling to a minimum and work a mask into your hair routine once a week. I highly recommend the Intense Hydrating Mask from Moroccanoil.

What hair styles, haircuts, and hair color trends do you anticipate seeing a lot of this season?

A lot of people are growing their hair out realizing that they love the look. On the other side of that, after coming out of quarantine, a lot of women are looking for a drastic change so they are going for a bob.

Thoughts on going darker or lighter for a new season?

I think that if someone is getting highlights and they subtly go blonder in the summer and slightly less so in the fall, that’s fantastic. But I do not recommend drastic changes for every season, as that can cause a significant amount of damage.

What do you suggest for people who struggle with static?

Hair Spray is actually a great way to combat static.

If you took a break from heat styling over the summer or during quarantine, what’s the best way to ease back in?

Make sure you are using high-quality hot tools that have proper temperature gauges so that you’re not burning your hair. Then be careful about the temperature you use—if your hair is fine, you should use a lower temp. And also work in a heat protectant like Moroccanoil Perfect Defense.

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