Why Do You Need a Hand Cream?

Why Do You Need a Hand Cream?

If you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by skincare overload, you’re not alone. It feels like every day, there’s a new product to address a problem you didn’t know you had. A serum for tech neck! A mask just for elbows! A microcurrent device for discolored cuticles! (Disclaimer: if you use one of these products and love it, keep doing you.) Given all that, we understand that hand lotion can sometimes seem like yet another superfluous purchase. But hear us out! A well-formulated Hand Cream actually has a huge number of benefits that make it (a) uniquely suited for its intended use and (b) a worthy addition to your skincare regimen—particularly as the weather starts getting colder. Read on to find out more.

Handpicked (Pun Intended) Ingredients

The skin on our hands is subject to more than its fair share of daily wear and tear. Particularly during fall and winter months, exposure to cold, dry air leaves the skin on your hands in desperate need of extra moisture. That’s why we formulated our Hand Cream with ingredients that both restore moisture that’s already lost and help your skin maintain optimal hydration levels moving forward.

In addition to antioxidant-rich argan oil, which helps to hydrate and nourish skin, Hand Cream contains hyaluronic acid—a natural humectant that can up to 1000 times its weight in water and helps to hydrate skin, enhance suppleness, and reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines—squalane, which helps coat the skin and assist it in holding onto moisture, and a blend of shea and cocoa butters, rich in essential fatty acids that help increase moisture and strengthen the skin barrier.

Fast-Absorbing Formula

In our opinion, there is no greater deterrent to using hand lotion than the greasy feeling that lingers on your skin for far too long after application. What’s the point of layering on something that renders you unable to write with a pen or extract your credit card from your wallet? While Hand Cream is intensely nourishing, we took extra measures to make it as fast-absorbing and non-greasy as possible. That includes the aforementioned use of squalane in the formula: it’s known for softening and smoothing skin without leaving a greasy or sticky feel.

Easy Reapplication

We don’t need to tell you that constant hand washing (and sanitizing) strips hands of necessary moisture. The key to preventing dry, cracked skin is to reapply moisturizer after washing—every single time. Hand Cream comes in two perfectly portable sizes (a 3.4-ounce and 1.4-ounce) so that you can take yours with you in a tote or a cross-body.

Six Fragrance Options

While our assortment of new Mediterranean-inspired fragrances is available in a range of body products, Hand Cream represents perhaps the easiest opportunity yet to try them all out. Between the small size, palatable price ($12 for the smallest size!), and fact that you’re not making a head-to-toe commitment, this new addition makes it easy to take a new fragrance for a spin as often as you please. Not sure which one to try first? Use our Fragrance Finder to find one you’re sure to love.

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